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We provide Podiatry and Chiropody treatments and offer a friendly and professional service where we assess, diagnose and treat most general conditions of the foot and lower leg.  Everything from skin and nail conditions, fungal infections, cracked heels, corns, callus, verrucae and diabetic feet.   We also treat musculoskeletal conditions of the lower leg and are able to prescribe custom orthotic arch supports.  To see more on the many conditions your Podiatrist/Chiropodist can treat, please refer to our Conditions Page on our website.

Our mission is keep our clients active, comfortable and happy whatever their age , occupation or activity.
Mr Ruggero A Calo, BSC MSCH
HPC Registered Podiatrist
A podiatrist will have studied in depth the medicine and mechanics of the foot and will work independently from a Doctor.
We are happy to treat people with medical conditions such as diabetic feet and arthritis and provide custom insoles and footwear advice appropriate for diabetics. We may work closely with your GP, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Consultant Surgeon or other referring health professional. For the list of conditions we may treat, please refer to our dedicated section on the website.


About Our Podiatrist

Our podiatrist has treated clients from all walks of life and in nearly all activities. These have included, members of the armed services, the security services, sporting persons, youth athletes, team players, dancers, skiers, skaters, teachers, skilled and non skilled professionals, labourers, craftsmen and women, active elderly, and those who require extra health care needs and home care.

Podiatrist Ruggero Calo has worked with feet for over 10 years, graduating from the University of Southampton with a BSc Honours Degree in Podiatric Medicine (Podiatry) in 2004.  He is an active member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrist (SOCAP) and is a HCPC Registered Podiatrist (State Registered Podiatrist).   He spent four years working within the  National Health Service (NHS) then gradually developed his career working in private practice.  He was the Dorset Delegate for the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrist for 5 years dealing with professional issues and passed on the role to concentrate on the development of Private Podiatry practice.
Ruggero has a special interest in working with Athletes and those who require the ultimate in protection and performance for their feet, no matter their activity level.  ”As a sub-11 Second One Hundred metre Runner, I know that precision in performance is everything to the athlete.  I transfer that precision to my clinical practice, whether its post surgical intervention to preventing foot fatigue and hard skin build up”.   Every improvement we make counts in the long term.
BSc Hons Podiatrist

Mr R.A.Calo’ BSc Hons Podiatrist

In his early twenties he was working on his significant natural ability in sprint running and track and field but had to cut short the career due to an injury and working committments.   He has represented the University of Southampton in athletics and competitive swimming.  He also holds qualifications in the teaching of swimming and martial arts.  He carries on his sports training purely for his love of the outdoors in his adopted Dorset!
“At Bournemouth Podiatry we want every client that walks through our door to fully understand the importance of their feet.”


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