Boscombe 10km run

Bournemouth Podiatry attended the Boscombe 10KM in support of the Bournemouth Joggers.  Although a very cold event, the sun did come out and we were there to answer questions regards feet and running. We had emergency plasters and tapping kit jut in case any injuries occurred.  Most runners were asking questions regards prevention of ankle sprains, and how to avoid heel and arch pain often termed plantar fascial pain.   Common questions frequently asked were  regards dealing with runners nails, athletes foot and suitable footwear.


Runners were interested in how Podiatrists can review running technique.  As a former athlete we demonstrated that the style in which you run is dependent upon your own unique biomechanics.  Little adaptions can be made, but it must work in harmony with your natural mechanics.   The best solution is to let your Podiatrist observe your walking and running to screen for any issues and then provide guidance on which you can pass onto your running coach.


We would like to thank the Bournemouth Joggers for inviting us to attend and contribute to this local event.

This article was written by Ruggero