Can tight muscles contribute to foot pain?

Foot pain, arch pain, heel pain, lower leg muscle pain can all be contributed by muscles that

are over working or tight and with joints that may not be stable or well positioned.

Pain is not normal and its a sign that perhaps something is out of balance.

If you are are experiencing regular muscle or joint pain in your feet from just your

activities of daily living or,  you have increased the level of activity in the gym

sports, work or exercise, then its worth contact your Podiatrist to discuss things further.


Often muscles that are under conditioned or a little tight struggle to cope with the increased

work they are required to do.  Combining this with perhaps old or worn out footwear can place

you at increased risk of injury.  To ensure that your feet are giving you the foundation you need

we recommend.

1. You are wearing the right footwear for the activity you are doing

2. Understand your own unique foot type and how it functions

3. Get a full musculoskeletal check over by a fully qualified Physiotherapist or Chiropractor

and therapeutic massage.

4. Have your gait and biomechanics assessed by a Podiatrist.

5. Consider reviewing a tailored stretching and stability programme to protect your feet and body.

6. Consider using custom made orthotics in certain footwear to aid protecting and aligning your feet.

If more serious joint issues are ever detected then your Podiatrist would refer you on your GP for

further orthopaedic investigation, however most muscle and joint pain never ever needs that extra

intervention.  Its just simply a case of doing the right thing for your feet.

For further information you can contact Bournemouth Podiatry on

01202 443 892 and


This article was written by Ruggero