Custom orthotics are one of the very effective ways to enhance and improve foot function.

Most issues of the foot occur because of faulty foot function, which can either be an acquired or inherited

issue.  If you have issues with the structure and function of the foot, then this can also lead to effects on the rest of the body.    It is not also just about the fact for example you may a very flexible foot that can lead to problems, but also the way in which you use your feet.  Maintaining good foot posture can be improved with a combination of rehabilitation exercises and foot orthotics and the right foot wear.


With the advent of the so called -bare foot shoes, there is many choices to people today in regards what footwear to use.  From Highly engineered running trainers, to standard day shoes to the minimalist footwear (barefoot shoes).   At Bournemouth Podiatry we can assist you in making the best decision in your footwear choices by examining your foot type.

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This article was written by Ruggero