Have you ever considered that how you use your body may have an effect on your comfort, on your overall posture, on the health of the muscles and joints of your body, of your development and may effect the longevity of your muscles and joints.  With foot, ankle and leg analysis we believe that the feet are the foundation of your body, and that if the relationship of your foot with the rest of the body, is out of functional balance, it may lead to discomfort, injury or even deformity.   So we have dedicated sessions for Biomechanical analysis of the lower limb musculoskeletal system to:

Assess for dysfunction

Screen for abnormalities

Assess functional ability and relationship of the foot with the rest of the body

Assess ways in which to protect the foot

Analyse potential areas of improvement in foot and lower leg function


What is an orthotic?

Orthotics are Medical Grade arch supports worn in the shoe designed to improve comfort, reduced and prevent joint injury, reduce foot fatique,and assist in rehabilitation success and improve surgical outcomes.  Custom orthotics are not the same as standard arch supports from shops as they are taylor made by a laboratory technician or Podiatrist for your foots specific medical requirements.   Most custom made orthotics are created out of a cast of the shape and impression of your foots own unique structure.

When can I consider wearing in shoe orthotics?

Some theorise that everyone can benefit from the use of orthotics in their day to day shoes.   If you suffer from any of the following then you should consider wearing prescription custom made arch supports:

  • Joint aches
  • Muscle pains
  • Bunion deformities (hallux valgus, hallux abductovalgus, Taylors Bunion)
  • Rigid big toe joints (hallux rigidus)
  • Planter Fasciitis
  • Heel Spurs
  • Callus and hard skin build up (Reduce or prevent build up)
  • knee pain
  • hip pain
  • back pain
  • co-ordination and balance issues
  • sudden foot injury
  • joint deformity
  • Arthritis
  • Claw toes and hammer toes
  • Mortons Neurmoma
  • High Arch Foot Type
  • Flat Foot types
  • Hyper mobile feet/joints
  • Developing foot types
  • Pre and post foot surgery
  • Limb length issues (where one leg is functionally or ‘structurally’ longer than the other)
  • Diabetic foot condition (ask for further advice)

For example, if you are involved in sport, work, standing, walking, or experience fatigue from normal day to day activities then custom orthotics may be for you.


Chair Side Othotics

These devices we can make in clinic to see if orthotics will improve your symptoms and comfort

Pre Fabricated and Pre moulded devices

Options for those wish to have some control

Custom Made Prescription Orthotics

For the ultimate in comfort, control and fit.  Custom orthotics are for you if you want the best in protection and that exact fit for your shoe.   Want to feel like your feet are walking on air and have that feeling of complete comfort and security then our prescription foot orthotics are the way forward.  From Athlete, Military and service personnel, through to the sports person, pre and post surgical interventions and for everyone else.  When its control and protection, custom tailor made prescription orthotics are the industry best for your feet.


Gait (walking/running) re-education can work in harmony with your orthotic and footwear prescription.  For example, if your foot injury occurred due to how you were walking and using your feet then surely you would look at ways to be more effective at how you move.  For example, in simple terms, if someone has a flexible good arch foot shape but is a little lazy in using their muscles, this can, over a long period lead to muscle fatigue, muscle damage and even joint deformity.  By being aware of joint position, there is a strong change to reduce risk of joint injury and improve performance in daily activities and even improve sporting performance.  For further information, please book a session for foot screening with our Podiatrist.  We have successfully worked with people from Stroke Victims in preventing falls and re-gaining confidence to young persons with developmental, postural and co-orditnation issues and to high level athletes to prevent injuries, increase comfort and improve performance.


Orthotics work by correcting body imbalances.  When addressing the foot they usually arise in two forms.  As a contoured insole, to correctly align joints and foot position.   As a foot  and ankle orthotic (AFO)  which has insole qualities but may also extend up the lower leg and can be worn strapped to the leg to provide additional structural support.


We will ask questions on your specific daily activities. We will then take a biomechanics analysis of your feet and musculoskeletal system, we will analyse your gait and observe your centre of mass over our electronic force plate, and then finally we will take a cast impression of your foot for your prescription orthotics. The insole produced is tailored to your individual foot shape, based on the original cast impression. The custom insole will be unique, to perfectly match your foot shape and specific mechanical requirements.


Our custom orthotics come in a range of materials. The popular co-polymer Carbon fibre devices offer both control and flexibility.   Most are also fitted with a thin layering neone foam for superior cushioning and comfort.

We can adapt our range to fit all shoes, from Athletic to comfort shoes. For more information on our laboratory, please visit, we have a range of off-the shelf, ready to wear devices.

Work Boot alongside custom orthotic.  The orthotic arch support fits perfectly into the work boot.

Work Boot alongside custom orthotic. The orthotic arch support fits perfectly into the work boot.

Custom Made Robust every day Arch Support.  Perfect for most footwear including construction shoes, office shoes to running trainers.  Starting Price including assessment £280.



For Ladies heel and court shoe. When comfort is not an option and when you simply deserve the best.

Perfect for Office, travel, Party and Air-host and retail staff.  Comfort and Protection Elegance .

photo copy

Custom Made Ladies Slim fit Orthotics.  Starting Price including assessment £280


New Super soft and Supportive Cobra Orthotic Pads

Eliminate tiredness and fatigue in feet and legs in functional and fashion shoes.

Perfect for the Party Season

photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)

Current Price for Cobra Orthotic Pad £39.99 Available upon request adult sizes (shoes not included)



Recommended to assist growth and development, may help balance and improve performance (sports and play), reduce tiredness and falls risk.  We view this as a training device to encourage and assist the foot as and when needed.   Current price £35

photo 1 copy 2 photo



Perfect as a starting device for simple foot conditions and to address biomechanics issues.


Starting Price size £30 dependent on degree of Custom and additions.