Every person likes to be able to perform sport at their maximum. Sports should be played in comfort and without significant risk of injury. We cater for just about all sports and will do our best to adapt if we have not come across your sport before. We have had experience treating and helping people from a wealth of sporting backgrounds.

Detailed is a list of just some of the sports practitioners the podiatrist has worked with:  amateur and semi-professional football players, rugby players, track and field athletes, triathletes, cyclists, skateboarders, moto-cross riders, national level youth gymnasts, trampolinists, swimmers, hill walkers, horse riders, skiers, recreational marathon runners, skaters, race car and precision stunt drivers and those undertaking personal challenges and sponsored events.

 Fine tuning

The sports person will often require a little bit extra. If you have muscle aches and sprains, tired aching feet, or feel a degree of instability, then changes in footwear,  arch supports, padding and strapping techniques often work extremely well. The podiatrist will watch you walk,  jog and run to assess how you use your body.  You may be provided with advice on gait and posture to help improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury in your sport.  If we detect any problems, we may refer you to a physiotherapist or chiropractor to ensure you get the best personal performance available.


Our podiatrist was a competent amateur track athlete and has instructed swimming to a high level and holds a qualification in teaching martial arts. Should an athlete require on track observation, he can be booked out to observe track and field technique at Kings Park Athletics track, or in the grass field at Shelley Park. We have tennis facilities on site at Shelley Park should you wish the podiatrist to observe your body and posture during your game and how you are using your feet.  He may work with another therapist to assist with his observations.


When it comes to sporting performance and safety, you ‘cannot’ compromise on quality.  In sport and in everyday life we could consider a focus on the following factors and qualities:

  • Natural bare foot function
  • Foot, muscle control and awareness
  • Musculoskeletal biomechanics
  • Footwear and orthotics

For the sporting person we feel it essential you gain good feedback from the environment during your activity. When it comes to your sport, the feedback mechanism is your shoe. We may improve a shoes performance by providing you with customised prescription insoles or high quality pre fabricated devices.

The insoles work by providing improved support and stability.  From cyclists to athletes, the feedback you receive through your orthotic may make significant difference to your comfort and performance and may reduce risk of injury.

Our Podiatrist has said “if only I had custom made orthotics in my sprint shoes  I think I may have run even faster back in my competitive days and I now certainly feel an improved performance and confidence on my bike now that I use orthotics in my cycling shoes, whether  training or for pleasure“.

Footwear technology and material knowledge has come on a long way.  If you require additional footwear advice or a consultation please book to see our Podiatrist.

Sport specific insoles and extreme Sports

Your performance will be greatly affected on how well your feet function in your sports shoes and boots. We are able to produce custom insoles for the ski season, and for those that skate.

Our custom orthotic range may be designed to be sport specific and be tailored to your needs. Please see, our dedicated cutting edge orthotics laboratory for our full range of custom insoles.

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