Technology and Innovation

Pressure Matt System for new patient assessement and biomechanics clinics.

We use a state of the art pressure matt to assist with the diagnosis procedure. Each new  patient is offered the option of a brief gait analysis record to attain a computor reading of their gait pattern.   The scanner assists us in detecting abnormalities in your gait, how you are walking and your foot function.  It can also be a predictor of future risk of injury. The computerised readings may assist us in producing the most accurate orthotics. Diabetic clients should pay particular interest to this technology as correct fitting insoles may prevent foot injury in the long term by reducing pressure to vulnerable areas.

RS Scan force plate

RS Scan force plate

CAD (computer aided design) Orthotic Production


We integrate laser CAD technology into the casting procedure to fabricate your orthotics. The casts and impressions we take of the foot are sent away  to the laboratory for laser scanning to produce the most accurate orthotics we feel technology has to offer.

Video analysis using HD introduction equipment

This system will allow us to look at your timing and angles of motion during walking in real time or slow motion. We can start to predict and monitor the level of correction that our orthotics provide and we can assess the effect of gait, posture and stability exercises.   Using video images and assessing them frame by frame we can use the imaging to asses for issues and develop a patient management plan. For patients, athletes and indeed for any client , with slow motion camera imaging we can see weaknesses, trends and compensations in your walking, posture or sporting activity. ‘It’s a superb tool for rehabilitation and we can visually log your improvements’. If you’re an athlete, we hope we can help discuss and improve your game.


We can use our therapeutic Nail Drill to reduce thickened and unsightly nails.  Excellent in combination with fungal nail treatment to assist in reducing fungal nail infections.



In our routine vascular assessments, we can listen to the wave sounds in the blood vessels as blood flows through the arteries of the lower leg and foot.  Different sounds may indicate variations in health in the circulatory system.  The hand held doppler may help assist in our diagnosis process and is a great education tool for our patients.  Should any differences be detected or suspected in the assessment, the podiatrist will explain this and may choose to refer you to a specialist or back to your GP.



Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy may assist  in healing injuries, in particular Plantar Fasciitis and Achillies Tendon issues.   Should you request the treatment we will refer you to a local provider of shockwave therapy.  Please see Dorset Foot and Ankle ‘ Orthopaedic Specialists for shockwave Therapy.

Laser Verrucae Therapy


Should we deem this necessary we refer to a local podiatry colleague.

Custom Made Orthopaedic Sandles and Flip Flops

The technology is now available for us to take a cast of your foot and provide a prescription footbed integrated into the sole of a specially designed summer sandle or flip flop.  These are going to be ideal for people with support issues, width issues or pressure related issues on the foot where conventional sandles are simply not offering you the support and fit that your foot needs.  We will currently be using the Edser Orthotic Laboratory for the design and construction of the custom made sandle.

The very best in orthopaedic technology in footwear construction and design

The very best in orthopaedic technology in footwear construction and design


At Bournemouth Podiatry we also have an interest in footwear Design.

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He is happy to lease his idea’s regards footwear design to prospective shoe companies.