Verrucae and Plantar Warts

Verrucae or Warts express themselves as cauliflower looking lumps

or bumps on the hand or feet (Plantar Wart/Verrucae).   They are generally harmless but can

cause some discomfort due to pressure on weight bearing area’s.


What are Verrrucae

Verrucae and Warts and caused by the ‘human papilloma virus’.  The virus causes the infected skin

cells to produce a lump or plaque of rough keratinised skin.   Children tend to pic them up

more often because their immune systems are still new and learning to deal with them.

However, its generally accepted that the child’s own body will deal with the verrucae over a

year or two (spontaneous remission) and parents often say that the verrucae just seemed to

disappear.  With adults it seems to be a little more difficult to treat verrucae.

Persistence and trying different treatment modalities seem to be the key.



We always advocate the use of safe treatments.

Liquid nitrogen, safely used and under controlled conditions is one of the traditional roots,

however simple use of Silver Nitrate of Salicylic Acid preparations can be provided by your

Podiatrist and safely applied and monitored.  The Silver nitrate applications are our preferred

method of treatment.


If you have a stubborn and persistent Verrucae then it is well worth consulting a Podiatrist to

assess the lesion and discuss  your treatment options.


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This article was written by Ruggero